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Busy in the Slums

It’s not so much that I’m an avid roleplayer, but more about the fact that I love the melancholy look of the urban-decay (and rural decay) Sims. Most of these, unless there are some I haven’t found yet, require roleplaying.
So, that’s what I’ve been doing.
I have a job at the burger joint, but I pretty much hide in the back, sneaking peeks out here and there. There are some crazy folk in Hathian, and some good folk.. some good , crazy folk too!
A few days ago, I was wandering around the edge of town. Lost. (I try not to look at my map when rp’ing, even when lost. I’d rather ask for help) Razzy, (my character) was quite intoxicated… that gosh darn whiskey. It get’s me every time. Met this chick packing a few blades. Of course, being drunk, and stumbling, I was cool with just blathering away to a stranger… in a strange town.. in a dark corner, where I could hear (read) two fellows having an altercation close by. This chick however, helped me out, steadied me on my feet and sent me in the right direction.  The next day, I left my job early.. it was slow… and there was a naked guy standing outside the place. He DID have clothes on, then I shared the fact I was contemplating asking him for a cigarette, and he stripped naked. *sigh* No cigarette for poor Razzy, to go with her daily whiskey.

To balance things out, in NON rp’ing SL, I have my darling little home in Neufreidstadt. I love wandering about, flying about, just enjoying the scenery. It really has a darling feeling to it.
I also of course have to visit my place in Arosa daily. I enjoy watching the sun come up behind the HUGE mountains, causing the snow to sparkle, my windchimes tinkling in my perfect greenhouse.. water in the lake glistening.
RP is fun and all, and does give a bit of a ‘gaming’ aspect to it, but I also enjoy just being Moonrise, and chatting with my CDS and Arosa friends.


Recent Travels

Well, I’ve actually been rather busy in the Metaverse.
This past week it was Second Life’s 8th Birthday, otherwise known as SL8B. Things got started on the 20th of June and are now wrapping up. It was quite the amazing event.

Standing next to the VKC display in SL8B
I also took up residence in the lovely Locus Amoenus area of the CDS. I couldn’t quite find exactly what it was I was looking for in the different stores, regardless of the wonderful selection in Second Life of Roman builds, so I built my own Domus with the help of Anna and some guidance from Rosie. (two of my friends in the CDS). This is what I came up with:
My very first attempt at building a home. Locus Amoenus

Standing in the enclosed garden area of my Locus Amoenus home that I built.

Then, for something a bit different, I decided to venture into Missing Mile, a rp’ing sim loosely based on a city in a book by the super-fanastic Poppy Z. Brite. I love the urban-noir look. It was alot of fun hanging out in it. I would have got into the rp’ing more, but it lagged quite a bit on my laptop (yes, I know, I’m nuts for even attempting to play about in Second Life on a non-game oriented laptop). Recently it was announced that Missing Mile would be getting a make over and would involve into Virtue City… not sure what that will be like, but I’m sad about it. Apparently there will be a mini Missing Mile in the realm of Paper , a sim which currently sits as a residential area for Soap (which is where MM currently is), so I’ll wait and see how that goes.
Dancing in the street after too much Johnnie Walker, near the Motel in Missing Mile

Dancing at the Sacred Yew. Engrama will be performing here on Tuesday!

The hotel I was renting in Missing Mile

The Divinaturist Fellowship has upgraded it’s headquarters in SL a bit. I feel lucky to be able to run this little virtual extension of the real life Society. It is located in the beautiful region of Lionheart.

The SL home of the Divinaturist Fellowship. In Lionheart Vitani.

So, current homes. Where am I living? Well, as mentioned above, I have the Divinaturist Fellowship. I have my home in Locus Amoenus that I built, but I will be putting the property up for sale, as really I didn’t need an additional parcel, I’m just horribly addicted to trying new parcels :).

Also in the CDS area, where Locus Amoenus is, as well as Monastery, Alpine Meadows and a few other places, is Neufreidstadt. I have a little spot there. I think I got the last one. Fees are SO low there, though there is not alot of primage… the area itself is awesomely cute and dear. I have met some lovely folk there. Rosie and Pip being two of them. So, two pics of my Neufreidstadt home:
Home Sweet Home in NFS (Neufreidstatd)

Dressed up for the 20’s. Was visiting a Dieselpunk Sim called Seraph City earlier in the day before returning back to NFS.

 I just found a beautiful snowy land. It is called Arosa. Based on the villlage in Switzerland of the same name.There is a blog with lots of information about it at:

Sonja Strom is the woman who I have been in contact with in Arosa. She is wonderfully friendly and helpful. Arosa is a friendly little community, and is run by a  council. The tier fees are amazingly well priced and are based on prims rather than size. This snowy village has been a nice change… there is something comforting and relaxing about snuggling up with a good book in front of a fire.
Sonja and I admiring the rising Moon from my new home in Arosa Village.

Sonja took me for a ride on her SnowMobile.

Relaxing in front of my cabin in Arosa

Those are my two primary homes right now. NFS and Arosa. Though I do spend a fair amount of time at Lionheart, so I can be found there also. We have a ritual circle, pond, and some Divinaturist reading materials there. It’s more of a group meeting place and public area than an actual ‘home’

Oh, the other night I was blessed in SL with a visit from dear Akashik. We danced the night away in Gaia Rising:

For something different, the past few days I’ve been roaming about in The Crack Den and Dead End. Two areas within the Alterscape sims. Pretty darn cool. I am not well practiced in this sort of intense role playing. Using emotes, and much typing to describe the situation.. but it sure is creatively challenging. Here I am outside of one of the trailer park areas:
Yep… Second Life sure has alot of stuff going on. Ahhh, before I forget, there is a Duran Duran Sim there. LOL, DDU – Duran Duran Universe. Fun times! I had to check it out, seeing as how back in the 80’s I was a huge fan!
In some really cool spiraling cave in DDU


Venus…. this pic and the one above are from an area in DDU that lets you pose in famous paintings.