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A fantastic Social Networking platform for Sl’ers

I’m a big Diaspora fan girl, can’t help it. I love what it stands for.

Taken from the above article:

Privacy is Dead. (Or is It?)

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said “Privacy is dead” and when it comes to Google+ they are taking a similar stance in that your profiles must be tied to a real person (wallet name) and they will be insisting on making all profiles public. Aside from this very telling stance, Facebook and Google have a very large incentive to keep you public and “authentic” in that they earn their money on the zeitgeist advertising metrics. In this case, there is no room for the myriad of other ways we may present ourselves online, such as anonymously or through a pseudonym; Whether the pseudonym is a pen name or of your virtual world avatar is irrelevant, because they both act like a digital inquisition when challenged – asking for a cell phone number or other “approved” methods by which to validate your identity, which in turn defeat the point of anonymity or pseudonyms because those validation methods divulge private information about yourself that you had no intention of divulging – and more often than not shouldn’t be legally forced to divulge for something like a social media network.

Diaspora, on the other hand is the polar opposite to this “Privacy is dead” approach by stating it is specifically designed to facilitate your privacy in a decentralized and agnostic manner which each person is free to control entirely, while also giving users and entities the right to start their own “pod” in the network with the source code. This is a stark contrast to Google+ and Facebook where your information is housed centrally (thanks to Google and Facebook) and where Google and Facebook control what privacy (if any) you are allowed to have.

Check it out. There is open registration at many pods if you don’t want to create your own. is where I am currently registered as Moonrise Azalee. I also am at for my plain ol’ regular mundane self. 😉  (or , in case the first link only works for me because I’m logged in)

Hope to see you there!



Well, it’s been busy in SL.
I haven’t been in Hathian/Crack Den much lately. My laptop can’t take the load. I still go to wander about from time to time though. The great thing about SL is that it can keep up with your change in mood or current interests.

I found the Wastelands. Post apocalyptic role playing theme. However, you can also just purchase on one of the sims, keep within theme, and NOT role play. The website in the link I provided has lots of good information. Everyone behind the scenes is friendly and supportive, so really, even if you have never role played, it’s a great place to get your feet wet, simply due to the friendly environment. Yes, if you wear the hud to collect salvage etc., someone is going to attack you, but just IC, it’s pretty tame and I’ve met some nice people. The forums, accessible through the previous link are a great place to ask questions. I was impressed by the quick responses and welcoming attitudes. Visit me in the wastelands:

The Divinaturist Fellowship has really been coming along. There are books to read, info boards to click, and generally, it’s just a nice little place to relax. Eventually, it’s my goal to be able to hold In World meetings there for people who aren’t geographically close to one another, and who want something a bit more interactive and creative than skype. (can’t really hold great circles or rituals on skype) Divinaturist Circle is in Lionheart Vitani, come visit here:

Still a resident in Arosa and Neufreidstadt.

I had never thought I would care for a snow sim, but I really do like Arosa. There is something so relaxing and cozy about the place, and being on the Mainland, there is always someone traveling through. I pop in there each time I’m in SL, and add a few things. Working on my greenhouse. Some artificial summer 🙂 Come visit me at:

In Neufreidstadt, I have a little place, but I also took advantage of some land that came available ,a rarity in Neufreidstadt. Many residents have been there for a number of years and due to low tier, there is not a high turnover. More places are available in the surrounding CDS areas of Monastery, Alpine Meadows, Colonia Nova, and Locus Amoenus, just look for the yellow on the map while visiting me in Neufreidstadt. Back to the point  however, I took on another little space and put up The Chat Shack. I should probably create a new sign for it, in German, but the build itself is themed to fit in with the rest of this darling Bavarian themed city. Put up your feet and relax, have a glass of mead from the keg on the table or help yourself to a bite to eat from the picnic basket. Then wander out of the city, down the path and explore what the CDS has to offer. Visit the The Chat Shack: