SocialSites, OpenSim and SecondLife

Yep, I’m cheating and tossing this all into the same post because I’ve been lame with blogging lately and wanted to at least pop in for an update and a few pics.

Social Sites:

I’ve been spending a lot of time learning the ropes at Diaspora. I like it even more than I did when I first joined. I’ve also been exploring Friendika, another alternative. It has some great features but is still going through a few growing pains right now. Both the main sites in the links for D* and F~ are closed to open registration right now, but to get in on the action right away, you can join at, or check out all the other ready pods at for Diaspora and for Friendika, the one I am using is at


Love it. I got it running on my laptop (I was amazed) and it is connected to OsGrid. I am working on 4 regions right now and one day I hope to be able to get it running 24/7. Right now I run it all day, and shut it down at night.

For those that don’t know what I mean, OpenSim is the open-source version of Second Life. You can create regions without having to purchase them from anyone – though that is still a possibility too, if you are not comfortable doing it on your own. Everything I have in Osgrid was free, free, free and that seems to be the way in OsGrid. Never in my life did I think I would be able to have my own regions, and now, 4 regions later (and a total of 120,000 prims at my disposal) I am grinning ear to ear! What an amazing opportunity to learn how to build! I have learned so much in the past few weeks of being at Osgrid, it’s crazy. Even my husband has joined in on the fun. There are people/companies that will host regions for you for a fraction of the cost of Second Life, if – like I mentioned – you aren’t comfortable with running on your own computer or server. All the information can be found at Osgrid. You can just sign up and start playing without installing anything other than Imprudence viewer. There are many sims that allow you to ‘rent’ homes for free. Volksland and Linda Kellie Designs (just enter these names into your search bar in the Map. Searching the map for regions is far easier than searching in the main search tab)


Second Life:

I admit, I haven’t been very active there recently. It’s hard to go from creating items and building on 4 free sims, back to my tiny little parcels at Second Life. Yes, there is a  lot of people in Second Life, and lots of action, but there are some amazing people in Osgrid too. Many awesome sims to visit as well. Finally however, after a bit of a hiatus I got around to visiting Second Life again, after all.. that’s where the majority of my InWorld friends are. I will always continue to keep the Divinaturist Circle in Lionheart too, so no matter how much fun I have in Osgrid, I have to pop into Second Life from time to time.

It was a great time to come back for a visit… Oktoberfest is kicking off in Neufreistadt. There was a VERY full Marketplatz today as a woman with some great vocal chords was belting out some tunes. I’ll have to post her name when I remember who she was. I came in after the show had started, so I didn’t catch it right away. The beer kegs are out, the pretzels are hot… a great time to come visit!

I also had to check in on my place in Arosa. So beautiful with the snow covered  mountains and the lake. It is a nice place to come ‘home’ to. I decided that I needed a makeover. I wanted my path of Divinaturism to sort of be manifested a little bit more. After all, the metaverse is a place where the inner qualities of you can be worn on the outside a bit easier.



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