Happy Oktober!

Oktoberfest just finished up in Neufreistadt. I had a little stall there, selling some of my items – some pictures I take in RL and play around with until they have JUST that right touch. 🙂

There were quite a few live performers, and it was pretty much just one big party. Lots of fun *grins*

I have a shop open in Colonia Nova, just up the steps from the 7 Seas Fishing along the river. It’s also a cafe, so PLEASE, come on by and visit Razzy’s Gallery and Cafe!

I’ve also ventured into InWorldz and I must say I’m really enjoying myself.

Here I am, as Birch Wind in Parakia – a Greek sim in InWorldz.


In my gallery in Amelia



Watching the sun rise in Parakia


Dancing in Parakia


yep… still dancing. It’s a GORGEOUS sunrise, who wouldn’t dance? Pink clouds racing across the gentle golden sky. *sigh* simply radiant.


I also played in OsGrid a bit over the past little while. It had been awhile since I started up the ol’ laptop that I have running as a virtual server. I’m not quite as super awesome looking in OsGrid. I’ve had a harder time finding a nice skin – however in all fairness, mostly while in OsGrid I just build and play and don’t care much about how I look in my own lil 4-sim playground

Hanging out in my rather empty house in Moonrise Haven. 🙂 was busy playing with land today. Not too much concern over the house.


So, yes, I’ve been having a lot of fun. Very interesting, the feel of the different places. SL. IW and OSGrid.

I’ve also been playing in Cloud Party. Although the name sounds like it might be some version of Habbo Hotel, it’s not. It’s actually a geek’s paradise. I’m not quite geek enough to figure out how to build things, but I’m geek enough to have a really awesome time there.

I tried There also. Not sure why… just heard it was back online and thought I’d try it. It has a certain charm, but not only is there an initial 10.00/month just to get in the door so to speak, but everything seems very costly. 10.00/month to play is more than I pay for  a residential parcel, and my business in SL, and my place in InWorldz combined. Some of the people I have met seem very cool, and I’ve had some fun, but I can’t justify spending ten dollars a month to hang out in another virtual world – and not even have that cover monthly ‘rent’.

Well, it’s late and I’m off to bed, just wanted to share.

Bye for now!





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