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Birchglen in Diamond Valley – now along the I’z Straits



Recently, I requested to have the sim moved to a new location, with the North and East Coasts along the InWorldz waterways.

This is a great location , close to the Newbie start place of Desert Island, and with PhysX coming, sailing is going to be even more fun than it is now.

We have about 5 parcels for rent, at .40/Prim . Great deals to be had at Inworldz! The prim bonus means that you get lots of wiggle room for building and living your virtual dream life.

Joe Dokes as moved into Birchglen and has opened up an apartment building with six partially furnished units. These units allow you an additional 100 prims , and are free to all new InWorldz residents less than a month old.

For information on Birchglen parcel rentals, message me Birch Wind, ad Inworldz, or for free apartments message Joe Dokes.

See you In World! 😉