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Venturing into Land Owning

Something I would never have been able to afford in Second Life, but can do in InWorldz is own land. Image

I decided to splurge and buy a mainland sim in InWorldz after being here only about a week. 60.00 No set up fee, and some of my favourite sellers are in InWorldz ( Redgrave, Vista, .:Emo , Pulse…) how could I pass it up?

I didn’t purchase because I wanted to become a land baron and make money. I purchased because I wanted to create my own actual virtual space. I did decide to rent out a few parcels, but to also keep a lot of common ground open for tenants and InWorldz travellers to enjoy.

Birchglen is located on the Diamond Valley sim on the Mainland. It is newly created and definitely a work in progress!  However, here are a few pictures so far. 





A few of the things that I really like about InWorldz are the great currency exchange… 2500 I’z costs 5.00 US and is payable by credit card or paypal, crossing sims is quite an easy feat, I’ve experienced very little lag, the prims are AMAZING! Coming from second life, the fact that parcels are found all over the place for .50/Prim is mindblowing. YES I can get primage for free on OsGrid with my own computer as a virtual server, but it’s great to hand the tech stuff over to someone else to take care of. I also like all the creativity I see. It seems as though many people have come from SL, and indeed have a presence in both (and possibly more) worlds, but coming from SL to a place where uploading is free and it is such a blank slate, it’s pretty exciting. As a result, I have found some very nicely made places. 

I also had the chance to catch Russell Eponym performing in the beautiful Greek region of Parakia. It ended up being a really great crowd and the music was great.

Owning on Mainland has its limitations, however SL mainland has become a garish nightmare in so many spots, I can understand wanting to keep some control on the Mainland. 

So, if you are looking to try something different, come to InWorldz.. different yet familiar 🙂 Visit the cafe or park in Birchglen – Diamond Valley, and if you’d like to rent a lovely parcel in a new community, check out the parcels that I have available or message me. My InWorldz avi is Birch Wind. Search me there and you will find an email addy to contact me with, if I am not online. 

Birchglen is a great place to call home 🙂


No it’s not a trailer park…

No it's not a trailer park...

Just a trailer to highlight a lovely parcel I have for rent in Birchglen. 🙂

Happy Oktober!

Oktoberfest just finished up in Neufreistadt. I had a little stall there, selling some of my items – some pictures I take in RL and play around with until they have JUST that right touch. 🙂

There were quite a few live performers, and it was pretty much just one big party. Lots of fun *grins*

I have a shop open in Colonia Nova, just up the steps from the 7 Seas Fishing along the river. It’s also a cafe, so PLEASE, come on by and visit Razzy’s Gallery and Cafe!

I’ve also ventured into InWorldz and I must say I’m really enjoying myself.

Here I am, as Birch Wind in Parakia – a Greek sim in InWorldz.


In my gallery in Amelia



Watching the sun rise in Parakia


Dancing in Parakia


yep… still dancing. It’s a GORGEOUS sunrise, who wouldn’t dance? Pink clouds racing across the gentle golden sky. *sigh* simply radiant.


I also played in OsGrid a bit over the past little while. It had been awhile since I started up the ol’ laptop that I have running as a virtual server. I’m not quite as super awesome looking in OsGrid. I’ve had a harder time finding a nice skin – however in all fairness, mostly while in OsGrid I just build and play and don’t care much about how I look in my own lil 4-sim playground

Hanging out in my rather empty house in Moonrise Haven. 🙂 was busy playing with land today. Not too much concern over the house.


So, yes, I’ve been having a lot of fun. Very interesting, the feel of the different places. SL. IW and OSGrid.

I’ve also been playing in Cloud Party. Although the name sounds like it might be some version of Habbo Hotel, it’s not. It’s actually a geek’s paradise. I’m not quite geek enough to figure out how to build things, but I’m geek enough to have a really awesome time there.

I tried There also. Not sure why… just heard it was back online and thought I’d try it. It has a certain charm, but not only is there an initial 10.00/month just to get in the door so to speak, but everything seems very costly. 10.00/month to play is more than I pay for  a residential parcel, and my business in SL, and my place in InWorldz combined. Some of the people I have met seem very cool, and I’ve had some fun, but I can’t justify spending ten dollars a month to hang out in another virtual world – and not even have that cover monthly ‘rent’.

Well, it’s late and I’m off to bed, just wanted to share.

Bye for now!




It’s Been Awhile

Sheesh, the last time i was here, wordpress looked very different. Have I been gone THAT long.. it’s been about 6 months I think.

Anyhow I was gone from Second Life for awhile, mainly because my laggy little laptop didn’t do a very good job of making it a pleasant experience. So, I’ve put together something a bit more decent.

I left the Wastelands recently. I loved the ambiance of the place but I decided to rent elsewhere… I get antsy from time to time and enjoy setting roots down in new places. I also decided to leave my parcel in LionHeartSL because I wanted to instead pay tier to the CDS (Confederation of Democratic Sims). They are a real community of people trying to actually nurture a virtual community. People run for office things are voted on (EVERYTHING – and although this can be a pain sometimes in the end it is an amazing process. Being part of making changes in a region, without even being actual Sim Owners is great. We get to discuss the Look, the Future and everything.

So, I have a full time space in the Colonia Nova Sim of CDS. Very good tier for a lovely parcel. 

If you want a parcel of land, in an area that has a protected view, and with neighbours who won’t have unsightly builds that make you teleport to your nearest Screen and Privacy Hedge shop, you should really check it out. There are community events and lots of common grounds to wander and relax in.

Another little gem, one which I recently discovered is Chilbo. It too originally set out to do something similar. In their words they wanted to:

Chilbo is a community of artists, architects, educators, musicians, parents, hobbyists, students, and people from around the world who share a common vision that our interactions and experiences in virtual worlds can have a positive impact on our real world and our real lives.

Well, since their beginnings, they have gone through many changes, land acquisition, land sales, however they still have a nice town , very newbie friendly, and in the surrounding areas, they even have a few amazingly decent rental parcels. At first I was struck by the ‘old school’ look, but as I wandered around I got a sense of the spirit that went into the place, and that truly does still. I rent a parcel there at SUCH a good price I can’t believe it. It’s my actual home. My ‘just be me’ place, without being affiliated to my Divinaturist Fellowship headquarters – which in Colonia Nova I have available for people to drop in, so it’s  more of a public place than a private Razzy place.

So I have to say I’m quite happy. Great community in CDS with people I have grown to know over time, and a new very nice little house in Kuwolt – part of the Chilbo community *grins*

Since becoming a premium member, I felt it might be time to get a little chunk of something on the Mainland. Many people see Second Life dying out, but really I see it picking up a bit in popularity. Yes there are still options like OpenSim available, which I DO need to reinstallmy version on my comp, and I DO hope in time it grows… I’m just not having enough fun yet. If you’re on OSgrid and want to say hi on there sometime, I’m Moonrise Azalee over there also 😀 I have a few Sims. OHhh the joy of ‘free’! lol

Okay, enough babbling for now. Must go. I will post some more pictures soon. Right now my comp doesn’t let me save SL snapshots to my hard drive – I can only email them to myself. And uhm.. that’s where they all are right now, LOL, sitting in my email.


Malady Bog

I love this place. When I first found it I thought ‘ Oh YEAH baby!‘ and although I often keep to myself there and don’t interact a lot, I love it. The sounds, the ambiance..

I’m new there… someone I met today suggested I might be a Botan. I thought Iwas human, but as time passes I become more and more green, and strange things are sort of growing off me. Weird. Anyhow, here’s a little pic of my place. Ill add some better ones when Im on a better comp with better graphics, lol

SocialSites, OpenSim and SecondLife

A fantastic Social Networking platform for Sl’ers

I’m a big Diaspora fan girl, can’t help it. I love what it stands for.

Taken from the above article:

Privacy is Dead. (Or is It?)

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said “Privacy is dead” and when it comes to Google+ they are taking a similar stance in that your profiles must be tied to a real person (wallet name) and they will be insisting on making all profiles public. Aside from this very telling stance, Facebook and Google have a very large incentive to keep you public and “authentic” in that they earn their money on the zeitgeist advertising metrics. In this case, there is no room for the myriad of other ways we may present ourselves online, such as anonymously or through a pseudonym; Whether the pseudonym is a pen name or of your virtual world avatar is irrelevant, because they both act like a digital inquisition when challenged – asking for a cell phone number or other “approved” methods by which to validate your identity, which in turn defeat the point of anonymity or pseudonyms because those validation methods divulge private information about yourself that you had no intention of divulging – and more often than not shouldn’t be legally forced to divulge for something like a social media network.

Diaspora, on the other hand is the polar opposite to this “Privacy is dead” approach by stating it is specifically designed to facilitate your privacy in a decentralized and agnostic manner which each person is free to control entirely, while also giving users and entities the right to start their own “pod” in the network with the source code. This is a stark contrast to Google+ and Facebook where your information is housed centrally (thanks to Google and Facebook) and where Google and Facebook control what privacy (if any) you are allowed to have.

Check it out. There is open registration at many pods if you don’t want to create your own. is where I am currently registered as Moonrise Azalee. I also am at for my plain ol’ regular mundane self. 😉  (or , in case the first link only works for me because I’m logged in)

Hope to see you there!

Exploring Colonia Nova

I was wandering about in Colonia Nova today, and got lost! lol. For fun, I opted to not use the world map, and just wandered. Hallways, passageways, hidden garden areas, catacombs inhabitated by not-of-this-realm folk who had met untimely ends. Very cool. Thanks to Tor, the Chancellor  of the CDS for taking me on a bit of a tour.

When I first found the area, via Pip, whom I met at a bookstore in Neufreistadt (the Bavarian themed Sim in CDS), although I thought the designs, and builds were really cool, and loved the way there were different themes to suit personal taste (they are themed, but it’s not rp’ing and although you can certainly dress the part, this is not a requirement) , I saw that there were only a few little green dots milling about. So, I thought that the area was perhaps not very active. I spend alot of time in Lionheart, and that place is often quite packed with people. However, in the short time I have spent so far in my land in the Alpine Meadows Region, and Neufreistadt, and exploring in Colonia Nova, Locus Amoenus and in Monastery ( another beautiful area in the Alpine theme), I have met more people than in any other community. A very welcoming group of people! I actually had two really great ladies, Rosie and Anna, over at my place the second day.

Second Life is attractive to different people for different reasons. At first, when I came to SL it was just to wander, explore, dress up, and be silly. Now, after a few years, I realized that that can get boring if you haven’t met good people. Just like any social networking site. If you are the creative sort, then Second Life is your virtual playground. Technically, I’m rather impaired, however I am still creative, just more in the ‘creating spaces’. Not buildings (I suck at that), and not items to sell… still learning on that one. But making little spaces that are nice for people to visit and enjoy. Whether it be a comfy living room, or a parcel to just relax in… I like to make things inviting. I guess that’s why for me, I’ve sort of been on that search for community.

Sometimes I just like to wander, or observe and ‘people watch’. For that, I love Lionheart. I have a parcel in Lionheart Vitani. It’s in the city area, amidst bars, shops, parks, grungy basketball courts and public restrooms. Just like a real city, you have the little slummy spaces, right alongside the elite and fancy. However, unlike a real city, the little slummy places are almost more charming in many ways than the fancy places, lol.  Graffiti on walls, a train/subway and bus. It doesn’t have the community feel that I love in the CDS, but it has it’s own merit for sure.

Enough blathering today. Time to post some pics!

Trying out my new AO. 

A view in Neufreiststadt.

Just before sunrise, on some tracks in Lionheart.

I love trains.

Virtual Me in a Virtual World

At first I thought it was kind of a silly thing to do. However, after stumbling across many other blogs by SL’ers, I realized it wasn’t so strange. I actually like to blog about SL, however, I decided I wanted to keep First Life, and Second Life, separate.
I’ll edit and post more soon, just couldn’t handle leaving the generic ‘Hello World’ post on here :)
Recently I became a citizen/resident of CDS . I like the idea of virtual communities. For myself, rp’ing isn’t really what I’m into. It gets boring. I’ve never been much of a gamer. I like the idea of actually interacting with and communicating with people on a virtual level.
I’ve lived in quite a few places, and it always takes the same route.
1) find a well priced piece of land
2)get all set up
3)re-name it, decorate it.
4)wander aimlessly around the ‘neighbourhood’
5)get bored and look for a new place to live.
That, for me is the addictive part. New parcels, new regions. I have lived on completely isolated but large beautiful parcels, and I have lived on very habitated but rather unfriendly parcels. I’ve had people fly through my property and be rude, leave things on my land, and all the usual things. I’ve found a nice place to live, only to come back one day and see some huge ugly structure looming over me.
Estates run by peeps and groups just wanting to make a dollar (which is fair of course – many people in SL are there to make money)
So lately I had been looking for something different.
I was wandering through a bookstore I had found in a region called Neufreistadt. There I met a fun fellow named Pip who introduced me to some of the other sims of the CDS (Confederation of  Democratic Simulators) . So, now, I am living in an area called Alpine Meadows, and have already met quite a few of the other residents. Community is the word of the day there, so I look forward to seeing how it goes. Events, meetings, voting…. the citizens of the area all work together to develop the region into a place they can proudly call their SL Home.
I also have a little place in LionHeart. LionHeart was one of the first places, besides Covenstead, that I took up residence. I enjoy it there because it’s a bit like being in the city. Trains and busses rumble past, dust devils spin garbage around. There are places of beauty and places that look like they are from the East Side in Vancouver. I love it. The place I have in LionHeart is a meeting space for Divinaturists, but open to anyone interested in dancing round a fire, or sitting by a pond. There’s always coffee, wine and refreshments inside the building.