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Life in the CDS

Well, my little shop in the center of Colonia Nova is set up, and my home in Colonia Nova as well. I reside at the Eastern edge of the sim, close to the river.

It’s really lovely.

My yard and outdoor meeting space in Colonia Nova

In a lovely area of Colonia Nova

It’s election time in the Confederation of Democratic Sims. I am running for a seat in the RA. Absolutely new to the government aspect, but not new to the CDS itself. It is my favourite place in all of Second life.

In my CN home.

I also met a fantastic artist in CN when checking in at my office last night, Konrad Jansma. I love his work. His RL site can be found here: KJ Art . He can also be found on Facebook. I’m so pleased to have his Gallery across from me in Colonia Nova!

I’m off for now, must tend to a rhubarb pie in the oven!